Increase Your Delivery
Sales up to 200%

We analyze your food, keywords, and data to build the perfect virtual brand that sells.

How it Works


We Learn About You

We collect information about your food, brand, strengths, and service gaps based on real-time search data from your city.


We Expand Your Reach

We use these trends to build your new customized menu, complete with items your community is searching for.


We Do The Heavy Lifting

You love to cook; we love to market. We brand and promote your new virtual restaurant while you focus on the food.


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Market Analytics

We believe in the data. Our technology allows us to monitor information that most franchises don’t have access to, like missed order volume, canceled orders, and delivery platform reviews. Through our powerful analytics software, we can guide your restaurant to success.

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Restaurant Promotion

Marketing is time-consuming when you’re a busy business owner. Our strategists will identify trends and opportunities on your behalf. These will translate into personalized menus that cater to your chef, your kitchen, and your neighborhood.
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Brand Design

Maybe you’ve already considered virtual restaurants, but you’re not sure how to brand them. Our designers create polished logos, menus, and branding for each cuisine you promote. These are unaffiliated with your brick-and-mortar restaurant, allowing you to reach new customers.
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Delivery Platform Integration

We’ve got your back. The On Demand Company creates and maximizes your presence on delivery apps like Postmates, Uber Eats, DoorDash, and Grubhub. We curate the menu, set up app integrations, and handle all the tech while you focus on making delicious food.

Sustained Growth

We help you to scale your business. Not only can we boost your sales up to 200% a week – we also attract new online orders who keep coming back. Build customer loyalty, expand your reach, and break into new markets through virtual restaurants.

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Show Off Your Food

Experiment with new menu items or promote old favorites through virtual restaurants. By breaking your menu into separate, curated segments, we increase your customer base and provide opportunities to prepare different cuisines with no risk to your current brand.

Over 3000 Brands Created

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