What is the Best Food Delivery Service?

what is the best food delivery service?

Food delivery service apps have skyrocketed in demand in the past five years. By 2024, experts forecast that people will spend up to 97 billion dollars on food delivery in the United States alone. Because it comprises such huge market potential, it is vital to have your restaurant on at least a few platforms to cash in on this demand.

Which Platform is the Best?

When determining the best food delivery services apps to advertise on, you’ll want to account for several factors, such as reputation, market presence, and ease of use on the customer end. After all, if the platform is not easy for the customer to use, they’ll choose an alternative. With these factors in mind, here is your best option:


Grubhub is among the most popular food delivery services available. It processes more than 745,000 orders each day. And it is available in over 4,000 cities across the United States. It means the platform is capable of handling larger volumes of orders. And there’s a high likelihood of them being in your community. Sweetening the pot even more is they offer multiple payment methods and have 32 million active users. Tom’s Guide ranks them the best food delivery service due to Grubhub’s extensive reach and ease of ordering.

Should I Advertise on One Platform Only?

It is ideal to advertise on multiple platforms if you have the wiggle room in your budget. The reason is you expand your reach because you have more exposure. However, being on these platforms means you’re also competing with national brands, who have exceptional market presences. To compete with them, you might need expertise from a team that can help set you apart. 

Increase Your Presence

The On Demand Company is adept at helping restaurants gain the exposure they need. We can help you place prominently on food delivery service apps. In turn, your brand gains more exposure and more orders. Restaurants who partnered with us witnessed an increase of 200% in their delivery orders. 

We leverage market analytics to devise a strategy to earn your brand more exposure. We also can market you in different restaurant segments on each app. To demonstrate, if you’re an Italian restaurant serving pizza, we advertise in both regions to get you more views. 

All told, we know how to generate the leads and orders your restaurant needs. And with demand continually increasing with food delivery service apps, now is a wise time to get your foot in the door. Gain insights that help set you apart from other restaurants by contacting us