What are the Different Types of Restaurants?

different types of restaurants

Restaurants serve dual purposes: satisfying the hunger of their visitors and expanding their menu offerings to appeal to more eclectic tastes. Originally, only the rich and the royalty engaged in this extravagance. 

However, during the French Revolution, the aristocrats fled Paris, leaving their chefs behind. It created a robust business too good to pass up for unemployed cooks. Dozens of restaurants opened throughout Paris, catering to business people and travelers. In the 1800s, accessibility to restaurants became more open, lending birth to what we have now.

The Different Kind of Restaurants

Here’s a look at some of the many different kinds of establishments available:

Food Truck

A food truck is a mobile kitchen. The first food truck opened back in 1872. Walter Scott used his covered wagon to sell sandwiches to hungry journalists in Providence, Rhode Island. Over the years, the spirit remains the same: serving patrons for a quick lunch, a much-needed snack after a concert, or a sugary treat to cap off a great day at the fair. Food trucks are popular, with more than 24,000 in business

Fine Dining

Fine dining establishments denote an air of sophistication and style. Known for their white table cloths, exquisite food and wine offerings, and impeccable service, they’re a wise choice for a memorable dining experience.

Fast Food

Fast food is more about convenience than offering patrons unique experiences. With some, you can order and receive your food without ever leaving your car. The fare can range from burger/fries to healthier choices, such as salads, soups, and wraps.

Casual Dining

Casual dining offers visitors a more relaxed, informal vibe. It is a wise choice for first dates, family outings, and those looking for a quick meal.


Cafes serve as gathering spaces and work hubs. You can come in to grab a coffee, pastry, wrap, or salad. Some establishments offer live music on weeknights and weekends to maintain a chillier vibe.

Virtual Kitchens

As its name implies, virtual kitchens do not have a dining area where you can sit down to eat. Instead, they offer takeout and delivery options. They’re popular with establishments sharing kitchens or those wanting to test out new menu options, where they make them available for takeout only.

Giving Your Restaurant a Unique Identity

With so many dining options available, it can feel easy to become lost in the crowd. It is where we can help. The marketing experts at The On Demand Company can help you create a virtual kitchen to improve your brand presence. If you are an Italian restaurant, we can help you get into the pizza business as well. We do this by creating delivery app presences in each of these segments.

Overall, you could see a 200% increase in delivery orders. If you’re ready to separate your restaurant from the rest of the pack, contact us to learn more.