Case Studies

We’ve created over 300 virtual brands for burritos, breakfast food, gyros, and more. Our team of experts analyzes your menu, identifies opportunities for diversification, and compares what you do with what’s in demand. The result? A 50% increase in delivery sales and more loyal customers, all without expensive renovations or rebrands.

Here are a few of our featured success stories.

Fresco Pizza & Shawarma

Fresco’s makes great food but sales are decreasing as more customers choose delivery over dine-in. As competitors better understand the digital market, restaurants labor costs and rent costs begin to rise, an online presence is more critical than ever.

Prince Deli

Prince Deli is a small deli located in the heart of New York. There is a high level of competition amongst the delis in New York. Prince Deli’s owner knew his food was great but did not understand how online delivery works and how to market everything he had in his deli to the thousands of customers searching online in his area.