How to Name a Restaurant

restaurant name

When you decide to make your dream of restaurant ownership a reality, many factors will combine to determine your success. Deciding on a name might not be as high of a priority on your to-do list as crafting unique, delicious menu items, but consider that your business name could be your first chance to make an impression on potential customers. For this reason, it’s vital to choose a memorable restaurant name. Here are some tips to get your creative juices flowing.

1. Use Alliteration

People like to repeat catchy phrases that roll off their tongues. If any part of your name and what you serve lend themselves to alliteration, consider using that to your advantage – for example, Peterson’s Pizza or Samantha’s Sub Sandwiches.

2. Be Unique

Opening a new restaurant involves doing a lot of research to make sure your business stands out in a competitive marketplace. When developing your menu, you don’t want it to be nearly identical to what an established nearby restaurant offers, or you won’t have a differentiator.

By the same token, your restaurant name shouldn’t be too similar to one that’s already taken, or you might confuse potential customers. Choosing something distinctive will also make it easier to market your business by making it more likely that your desired website URL and social media handles will be available.

3. Be Descriptive – but Keep it Positive

If you pick a restaurant name that sounds too bland, generic, or uninspiring, people will be less likely to remember it or stop by on a whim. Using adjectives is an excellent way to be memorable, but steer clear of words with negative connotations, like “angry,” “dirty,” “lazy,” and “cheap.” Instead, pick descriptors like “homemade,” “fresh,” “local,” or “neighborhood.”

4. Use Your Location

Incorporating your restaurant’s address or location in your restaurant name is a sound strategy to help you identify with your community and instill a sense of pride. Consider names like South Side Café, 538 Grill, Waterfront Bistro, or Main Street Cantina.

Build Customer Loyalty and Expand Your Reach

Naming your restaurant is one of the most pivotal branding decisions you will make. Select your restaurant name carefully – remember, it’s a decision you’ll have to live with daily for your business’ lifetime. Deciding to change your name at any point in the future will involve completely rebranding the business, which can be even more challenging than starting entirely from scratch.

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