Give the Gift of Food Delivery

holiday food gifts

The Perfect Holiday Food Gifts

With the holidays coming up, you might be struggling to come up with unique gift ideas. A fun one is to send the gift of food via a delivery app. Whether it’s a favorite meal, a fresh batch of cookies, or a decadent dessert, people relish surprise treats. Here’s how you can send holiday gifts using some of the top food delivery companies.

Uber Eats Gift Deliveries

With Uber Eats, you can create a dinner date by sending a surprise meal to someone you know who lives across town, state, or the country. Then, hop on Facetime or Zoom and enjoy a meal with them. Uber makes this simple with a gift prompt at checkout. You can add a personalized message and supply Uber with the recipient’s phone number. Doing so informs them that a gift delivery is on its way. It will also notify you when they deliver the order.

Make the Holidays Cheerful with Postmates

Send a bottle of their favorite wine or bourbon for a cheerful holiday delight. Postmates allows you to send food and alcohol gifts through the app. To order, supply the recipient’s address to find all stores and restaurants nearby. And upon delivery, your recipient will need to show a valid ID to prove they’re 21.

Gifting with DoorDash

Tantalize a friend or relative’s sweet tooth with a sugary surprise from their favorite bakery. Make it fun by supplying small clues throughout the day so you can leave them guessing what their present might be. And when you have them on the edge of their seat, go to DoorDash to order. Its gifting feature allows you to add your recipient’s address and include a gift message. After ordering, your friend or loved one receives a text that a gift is on its way. They can even click to read the virtual note you wrote for them.

Surprise Someone You Love with Grubhub

Maybe the holidays have overwhelmed someone you know. With Grubhub, you can send them their favorite comfort food to help them unwind and let them know you’re thinking about them. While the delivery service does not label these orders as gifts, you can still treat them as such. Supply their address at the time of checkout, then send them a text that a surprise is about to arrive at their doorstep.

Boost Your Business with Holiday Food Gifts

Holiday food delivery can help your restaurant to receive more orders, drive brand awareness, and increase your presence in the community. At The On Demand Company, our industry insight can help you increase delivery orders by over 200%. Learn more about how we help restaurants reach their full potential by contacting us today.