How to Increase Sales on Food Delivery Apps

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increase sales on food delivery apps

Find Success on Food Delivery Apps

COVID-19 has changed the economy for the foreseeable future. Over the past year, restaurants have struggled with capacity caps, retention issues, and rising wholesale food prices. However, there is an exciting opportunity for restauranters during this time: an increased demand for delivery. Today, we’ll give you our top tips for increasing sales on food delivery apps.  

Your Customers Now Dine at Home

2020 and 2021 have seen an exponential rise in takeout and delivery meals. According to the National Restaurant Association, 68% of adults surveyed said that they’re now more likely to choose delivery or takeout dining than they were before COVID-19. By 2025, experts estimate that food delivery apps (as an industry) will be worth $42 billion. These trends illustrate that your diners will keep ordering food to their homes for years to come. The time is right to jump into the delivery landscape. But how do you help your business to perform well on Postmates, Uber Eats, and other online platforms?  

Make Your Profile Detailed and Informative

First, your business needs to stand out from competitors in your area. A great way to do this is by fully building out your restaurant’s profiles on food delivery apps. If your menu doesn’t list ingredients or robust descriptions of each entrée, hungry customers may choose to order elsewhere. This information can be critical for diners with dietary restrictions, allergies, and sensitivities. In addition to fully describing your menu items, be sure to include as many extra bells and whistles as possible. Make each entrée or appetizer customizable whenever you can. These simple steps can legitimize your online presence, resulting in more orders.  

Ensure Your Business is Online

Did you know that 94% of customers conduct some level of online research before deciding to try out a new eatery? They check out your reviews, location, and website to learn as much as possible about what you offer. If you don’t have an established digital presence, it can negatively impact your ability to convert sales.  

Take Professional Photos

Diners’ decisions may also be swayed by photos of your food. According to the same survey cited above, more than 60% of American respondents said that high quality imagery helped them to make a choice about whether to patronize a restaurant. The investment is worth it! Hire a photographer or DIY your own images with a borrowed camera and good natural lighting.  

Speed Up Your Systems

When it comes to food delivery apps, instant gratification is key. If your order processing is interrupted by outdated point of sale systems, ancient receipt printers, and poor communication, your customers may find themselves waiting for longer than they’d like. This can affect your diner retention. While you can’t control the speed of the delivery team, you can help the back of house staff to optimize their processes.  

Pay Attention to Customer Feedback

Reviews are crucial for your success, and not just because potential customers will use them to weigh their ordering decisions. They also provide you with crucial information that can help you to change recipes, menu items, and promotions to reflect popular demand. Incentivize customers to review by including a coupon with their order. Also be sure to pay attention to which dishes are getting ordered all the time (and which are languishing at the bottom of the list). Use this data to shape your strategy moving forward.  

Identify Gaps in Your Market

Finding a niche is a great shortcut to boosting your sales on food delivery apps. Take some time to do research on which cuisines are available in your delivery area. Are there any gaps that your restaurant can fill? For example, if you own an American-style diner that makes burgers, pizza, and breakfast food, you can create three separate ghost kitchens specialized for each of these culinary categories. To do this, you’ll need to make unique menus for each “kitchen.”  

Experiment with a Curated Menu

New customers don’t necessarily search for your restaurant by name. Instead, they’ll probably stumble across your listing within the delivery app after they search for the type of cuisine you sell. You can take advantage of this by sorting your offerings into separate categories. This type of optimization is available through partnership with a service like The On Demand Company. We create fully realized virtual brands for your restaurant, complete with curated menus, professionally designed logos, in-depth analytical insights, and strong marketing support. Contact us to increase sales on food delivery apps.