Cloud Kitchens Explained

how do cloud kitchens work

As a restaurant owner, you are on the hunt for innovative ways to market new dishes and increase brand presence without incurring higher operating expenses. And with the rising popularity of food delivery apps, the cloud kitchen is the perfect venue for restaurateurs to achieve these objectives. 

How Do Cloud Kitchens Operate?

Cloud kitchens are a food production area. Often, a restaurant uses a commercial kitchen to prepare meals they make available for delivery or take-out. It is unlike a traditional restaurant, as there is no dining room. Some restaurants might share the space and the costs. In other cases, you could lease or buy. 

Meanwhile, the idea behind cloud kitchens remains the same: digital ordering. Guests can order food through your website or a delivery app like UberEats, GrubHub, DoorDash, and more options. From here, you prepare the food and have delivery handle the rest.

What Benefits Do Restaurants Gain from Cloud Kitchens?

Cloud kitchens benefit restaurants in many ways:

  • They reduce operating expenses. With a cloud restaurant, you do not incur the high overhead costs of a dine-in restaurant. You have kitchen staff, food costs, lease for the building, and other expenses. However, they are much less than what you would pay in the traditional sense.
  • You can establish and improve your brand presence by offering food items in different segments. If you are a burger joint wanting to offer chicken wings, you can advertise both in the chicken wing and burger section of delivery apps. Generating that extra presence can help increase delivery orders.
  • A cloud kitchen gives you the flexibility to change your menu as needed. You can test out new concepts, alter your inventory, and much more.
  • You gain more efficiency. Since all of your orders are digital, your main focus is making tasty dishes. It allows you to focus more on why you got into the business.
  • It also leads to better customer service since you don’t have to contend with answering phones, cleaning tables, and waiting on patrons.
  • Moreover, because customers order digitally, it allows you access to data to promote popular offerings, discontinue products, and identify add-on opportunities.

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