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Prince Deli


Prince Deli is a small deli located in the heart of New York. There is a high level of competition amongst the delis in New York. Prince Deli’s owner knows his food was great but he did not understand how online delivery works. He also does not know how to market everything he had in his deli to the thousands of customers searching online in his area.


How We Help:

The On Demand Company worked with Prince Deli’s owner and took a look at everything his deli had to offer. After researching the nearby area and top cuisine searches, we optimized his breakfast items to target the customers searching for great breakfast.

Prince Deli has 100+ items in their store ranging from small snacks to every beverage brand you can think of.

After research we found that breakfast was one of the top searched categories in the NY area. To start off, we created a customized virtual menu and optimized his current breakfast menu by adding some of the top bought items in this category. The virtual brand Village Breakfast Snob was born and a marketing campaign was built to attract customers in the delivery area.



Prior to working with us, Prince Deli was averaging 200-280 orders a week.

6 weeks into working with The On demand Company, Prince Deli is bringing in an additional 400-500 orders/week

~ 200% increase in revenue


The On Demand Company worked with me, someone who didn’t understand the virtual space and took my store to new levels. I thank this company for helping me survive through the years, especially during the pandemic. Thank you very much!

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