Fresco Pizza & Shawarma


Fresco’s makes great food, but sales are decreasing as more customers are choosing delivery over dine-in.

As competitors better understand the digital market, restaurant’s labor costs and rent costs begin to rise, an online presence is now more critical than ever.

The On Demand Company worked with Fresco’s owner to understand he makes great food which he is really known for. We helped him reach customers that may have not known what his restaurant has to offer. By applying industry specific data analytics, marketing and menu customization; we provided virtual brands & custom menus based on the food he currently makes. This helps him cater to thousands of customers ordering online in his area.

How we Help:

Fresco Pizza & Shawarma has 50+ items on their menu.

We created a customized virtual menu with 10-15 unique items. The virtual brand Ali’s Gyro Lab was born and a marketing campaign was built to attract customers in the delivery area.

Now, when a customer searches for “Gyro” on Postmates, Doordash, UberEats or Grubhub, his virtual brand Ali’s Gyro Lab springs to the top, driving more traffic & revenue to the restaurant


Prior to working with us, Fresco’s was averaging anywhere between 80-100 online orders/week.          

But within only 6 weeks into working with The On Demand Company, Fresco’s is bringing in an additional 250-300 orders/week.

~ 300% increase in revenue.


The On Demand Company is here to help! I thank this team for working with me to help grow my business and take it to new heights. I will continue to work with them at this location and new ones in the future.

Jamil Al-Hindi at Fresco Pizza

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