Benefits of a Limited Menu

limited delivery menu

In recent years, many Americans have enthusiastically embraced the ability to order freshly prepared food delivered to their homes. Once, the idea of having anything other than pizza delivered might have seemed like a fantasy for people living outside large metropolitan areas like New York City. However, more restaurant owners are catching onto this trend’s growth potential – especially during the ongoing pandemic, which has forced restauranteurs to get creative in the face of closures and safety restrictions.

How to Begin Offering Delivery

If you are looking to capitalize on the outstanding potential of offering food delivery, the first step is to consider your existing menu items. For instance, if you’ve never provided this service before, your current offerings might not be delivery-friendly.

No matter how carefully your staff prepares food, some meals might be soggy, cold, or watered down after their journey from your kitchen to a hungry customer’s doorstep. If a diner’s meal is no longer attractive or appetizing on arrival, it will not reflect well on your business’ brand.

Other questions to ask yourself include:

  • What packaging materials should you use to keep the food safe and undamaged during delivery?
  • Do you need to increase prices to cover the costs associated with food delivery?
  • Do any customer favorites on your menu take additional time and effort to prepare?
  • Is your staff capable of hiring an influx of orders as your reputation grows?

The Value of Strategy

In the hospitality industry, your ability to deliver a consistent customer experience is critical. Entering the delivery marketplace without a defined strategy could be a recipe for disaster. Consider that many of your competitors have already been delivering food for years, and regular customers now have high expectations for what happens when they place an order. If your regular menu items take too long to make or tend to be tricky to package, you risk losing repeat business.

Instead of adding and removing menu choices at random in hopes of hitting on a winning combination, you can avoid these dilemmas altogether by creating a separate, limited menu exclusively for delivery customers. By breaking your menu into single, curated segments, you can grow your customer base and offer different, delivery-only options with minimal risk to your current brand.

For instance, if you typically sell sandwiches, soups, salads, and wraps, establishing a separate delivery app presence for each of these categories will target diners with specific cravings.

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