How to Start a Food Delivery Service

food delivery service

While the restaurant industry has always contended with volatility, the past few years have been particularly challenging due to the pandemic. Restaurant owners who adapt to the changed landscape by offering delivery are more likely to thrive in this “new normal.” Read on to learn more about how you can give your restaurant a competitive […]

How to Reduce Food Waste in Your Restaurant

reduce food waste

U.S. restaurants waste an estimated 22 to 33 billion pounds of food each year. In addition to being a leading driver of global climate change, food waste also leads to significant revenue losses for restauranteurs. According to the USDA, the restaurant industry loses $162 billion annually due to food waste costs – a fortune in […]

How to Name a Restaurant

restaurant name

When you decide to make your dream of restaurant ownership a reality, many factors will combine to determine your success. Deciding on a name might not be as high of a priority on your to-do list as crafting unique, delicious menu items, but consider that your business name could be your first chance to make […]

How to Get a Food License

food safety license

Among all the other items on your checklist for starting a restaurant business, securing the appropriate licensure is probably less exciting for you and your team than taste-testing new menu items or creating a theme. However, don’t overlook this critical step if you want to avoid legal issues and potentially costly fines. If you plan […]

The Cost of Starting a Restaurant

How Much Does It Cost to Start a Restaurant

How Much Does It Cost to Start a Restaurant? Keeping a restaurant profitable has never been easy. Even before COVID shutdowns dealt a major setback to the dine-in business, fewer than half of new restaurants lasted a year. Partly because a surprising number of new-restaurant managers were ignorant of accounting requirements and food cost issues. […]

Opening a Restaurant Checklist

opening a restaurant checklist

Entrepreneurship can be rewarding, and for many people, owning an independent business is a long-held dream. If you’re creative and love tackling challenges head-on, you may have a vision of opening a restaurant. However, the restaurant industry is notoriously competitive – especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, which has forced many restauranteurs to change the way […]

How to Start a Restaurant on Postmates

How to Start a Restaurant On Postmates

There are a few silver linings to the events of the past two years—such as increased convenience and usability in virtual services. For restaurant customers, that includes new pick-up and delivery options that may not even require “restaurants” in the traditional sense. “Ghost” or “cloud” kitchens (delivery-only dining services) now do tens of billions of […]

Benefits of a Limited Menu

limited delivery menu

In recent years, many Americans have enthusiastically embraced the ability to order freshly prepared food delivered to their homes. Once, the idea of having anything other than pizza delivered might have seemed like a fantasy for people living outside large metropolitan areas like New York City. However, more restaurant owners are catching onto this trend’s […]

How to Start a Restaurant On UberEats

Putting your restaurant on UberEats

Having a presence on food delivery platforms is essential to growing your brand. Case in point: UberEats had over 66 million users in 2020. And demand will continually increase, as the Business of Apps forecasts people will spend as much as $42 billion on food delivery apps by 2025. Now represents a wise time to […]

What is the Best Food Delivery Service?

what is the best food delivery service?

Food delivery service apps have skyrocketed in demand in the past five years. By 2024, experts forecast that people will spend up to 97 billion dollars on food delivery in the United States alone. Because it comprises such huge market potential, it is vital to have your restaurant on at least a few platforms to […]